• Discover the magic of the Amazing Sleeve Sock

    Every hiking enthusiast knows that a good hike starts with the right equipment. With RØFF's Amazing Sleeve Sock you will stand strong, ready to walk any path. Enjoy the serene nature, without restrictions, thanks to our revolutionary socks that keep out dirt and take optimal care of your feet in every circumstance. Our socks are planet-friendly, partly thanks to the use of recycled polyester and biodegradable materials such as merino wool.

  • Join the movement

    Walking in nature is not only a relief for your body, but also nourishes your mind. At RØFF we believe in the power of every step you take off the beaten track, reducing stress and improving your well-being. It's a simple, yet powerful way to strengthen your health, increase your mental clarity and stimulate creativity.

    In addition, walking in a natural environment offers the perfect opportunity to strengthen bonds with family and friends, while enjoying the beauty around you together. At RØFF we value these moments of connection and adventure, and encourage you to take the step towards a life of discovery.

  • No dirt

    Thanks to the unique sleeve technology, you keep dirt out of your walking shoes, so you can enjoy every step undisturbed.

  • Merino wool

    Our socks, made of merino wool, regulate the temperature of your feet perfectly. Warm in winter, cool in summer, and always comfortable.

  • Magical wearing pleasure

    Experience the pleasure of our fantastic socks. Softness, comfort, and a magical walking experience guaranteed.

Step into nature without any worries with the Amazing Sleeve Sock

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