• Our sustainability promise

    At RØFF we don't just transform how you experience socks. We are also redefining the impact they have on our planet. That's why every RØFF sock is made with the promise to give more than you take - our commitment to a greener future. From production process to delivery, we are focused on having as little impact on nature as possible. With innovative design, advanced knitting techniques and high-quality, sustainable materials, we ensure that every step you take is not only a comfortable, but also a conscious one. Because at RØFF we believe that happy feet and a healthy planet go hand in hand. We strive for a future where every footprint we leave behind is green.

Responsible choices in raw materials

  • Organic cotton

    We choose organic cotton, because what is good for the planet is good for all of us. The cultivation of organic cotton is free from harmful chemicals. With respect for nature and farmers, we contribute to a greener future. By using natural dyes we reduce the environmental impact. It also makes our socks last longer!

  • Merino wool

    We use soft merino wool, sourced from New Zealand and Australia. Merino wool is self-cleaning, antibacterial and insulating. This means that RØFF socks stay fresh for longer and need to be washed less often. RØFF only uses merino wool that is guaranteed mulesing-free, thus setting an ethical standard. In this way we are committed to both nature and animal welfare.

  • Recycled polyester

    Recycled polyester (rPET) consists of consumer waste, which reduces the need for new raw materials. Did you know that the production of rPET requires 60% less energy than traditional polyester? This contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. By recycling polyester, we not only reduce waste in landfills, but we also take a big step towards a circular process.

"Don't sock with our planet" - RØFF

  • Consume consciously

    At RØFF we encourage conscious consumption. That's why we don't offer free returns. We want our customers to make thoughtful choices about their purchases, to prevent unnecessary shopping and waste. Of course we are open to exchanging a bad purchase or changing size. Or you can give your socks as a gift to a friend, colleague or family member – that's doubly sweet: for them and for our planet.

    Sustainable packaging

    We strive for a more sustainable world, starting with our shipping process. Each pair of RØFF socks is packaged in a 100% kraft paper envelope, completely free of plastic. This packaging also fits perfectly in the letterbox, avoiding multiple delivery attempts. A free laundry bag is included with every purchase, making our socks last longer.