• Let us introduce ourselves

    We are RØFF. Makers of revolutionary socks. Socks that really make life better. Since we unraveled the magic of the perfect sock, the sock will take on a completely new meaning in people’s lives. No longer a minor part of your outfit, but the most important one! Because happy feet make happy people. No matter how intensive your activity, with RØFF you will experience the pleasure of the perfect sock. A combination of innovative design, ingenious knitting techniques and the highest quality materials make our socks magical.

RØFF is the name

  • RØFF sounds like ‘rough’, but is written with a Scandinavian touch. Sounds crazy? We do not think so. Our name reminds us of our mission every moment of the day: Putting an end to the rough life of your precious feet.

    Moreover, we like to do things differently here. RØFF was founded to shake things up in the sock world, because... let's face it, it's been pretty boring so far!

  • Old tricks create new magic

    We may seem young. But with more than forty years of experience designing and manufacturing high-quality, performance-oriented socks for major global brands, RØFF is far from a rookie in the world of socks. With all our knowledge and experience we have unraveled the magic of the perfect sock!

    From now on, the sock will take on a completely new meaning in people's life. No longer a minor part of your outfit, but the most important one! Our socks are packed with innovations to create the ‘perfect’ sock, but we continue to go the extra mile in our never-ending journey towards perfection.

Our promises

  • We are curious to be ingenious

    Our curiosity is the driving force behind our creative and resourceful minds. When it comes to socks, we want to know the ins and outs of every thread. We want to surprise and inspire the world with unique, revolutionary socks that challenge the status quo and stimulate the imagination. We go beyond the conventional boundaries of the sock world and aim for revolution.

  • We create to liberate

    Our socks cannot be pigeonholed. We give people the freedom to use the sock as they see fit. Whether you exercise, dance, relax or have adventures, our socks are there to make your activity more enjoyable. Our socks are an invitation to follow your own path, experience your own adventures and discover the world in your own unique way.

  • We care for welfare

    Together we create a sustainable future, in which we take every step with the realisation that our choices have an impact. We have a big heart for our planet, our customers and for the people involved in every phase of the production process. Everyone is welcome, our sense of community and inclusivity are the driving forces behind everything we do.