• Make your move with grip

    Padel is conquering the sports world. Whether you're an experienced player or just starting out, the right equipment is crucial. Grip socks not only provide extra comfort during long matches, but are also crucial for optimal performance on the track. Grip socks help anchor your feet firmly in your shoes, which is essential for the rapid sideways movements and abrupt stops that are so typical of padel.

    RØFF proudly presents the Ultrasoft Organic Grip Sock, designed to meet the highest demands of padel players.

  • Ultrasoft!

    Our padel socks guarantee a perfect fit due to their anatomical design and seamless toe closure, making blisters and irritation a thing of the past. The socks are made from organic cotton, without harmful chemicals, making them exceptionally soft on your skin and excellent moisture absorbent.

    The ultra-thin, wear-resistant silicone strips and the special Japanese grip yarn in the heel provide unprecedented grip, even in damp conditions. This keeps your feet firmly in place, regardless of the intensity of your training. The RØFF Ultrasoft Organic Grip Sock is the ideal choice for players who want to combine comfort and performance!

  • Perfect fit

    Designed to fit your foot and leg like a second skin, with anatomical precision for your left and right foot, preventing sagging and blisters.

  • Unprecedented grip

    Our socks, reinforced with abrasion-resistant silicone and Japanese grip yarn in the heel, provide maximum grip in all conditions - dry or wet.

  • Fun and achievement

    Enjoy every moment on the court with the magical touch of our socks, made from organic cotton for that extra soft feeling, with love for our planet.

We promise you'll never want to change socks again!

They like it RØFF.