• Top quality

    Experience the magic of the perfect sock. Our high-quality materials make our socks softer than any other sock. Step in & find out!

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    We believe that a sock can be more than a sock. RØFF Socks are your secret weapon. Ready for the RØFFolution?

  • Sustainable

    Through a selective choice of materials, eco-friendly packaging and socially committed partners, we want to make a positive contribution to a better planet. Don't sock with our planet.

They like it RØFF.

Discover how our customers experience the magic of RØFF.

  • Never knew that socks could have such an impact on exercise. I run so much smoother with the ultimate grip sock. I will never go back.

    - Richard

  • This is the first hiking sock that really does what it promises. Finally, no more stones in my shoes. By the way, I threw away all my old hiking socks.

    - Zane

  • The grip sock is not only great for sports, but also to wear throughout the day.

    - Wendy