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The Amazing Sleeve Sock

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We all know how it goes. You're having a good time, and suddenly there's something in your shoe. Irritating and always at the wrong time. Whether you are walking, gardening or doing DIY, with The Amazing Sleeve Sock from RØFF this is a thing of the past. Our revolutionary sleeve sock keeps dirt out of your boots.

'No dirt' sleeve. Amazing!​

Due to the unique combination of high-quality materials, the most modern knitting techniques and the 'amazing' sleeve, this innovative sock sets a new standard in the world of hiking socks. A world where there are no longer any boundaries for your adventures.​


With The Amazing Sleeve Sock, a free wash bag is included.

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The magic of the RØFF Amazing Sleeve Sock lies in the combination of all these advantages:

  • Thermal insulation, inherent to our high-quality merino wool, ensures perfect temperature regulation.
  • Enjoy long-lasting freshness thanks to the antibacterial effect of merino wool. This way you can even wear our socks for several days without washing.
  • Keep your feet dry for longer, even when sweating heavily, thanks to the moisture-wicking properties of merino wool.
  • No irritations or blisters thanks to the seamless toe closure.
  • Your socks will last much longer because we have placed synthetic fibers in the most wear-sensitive areas of the sock.
  • The sleeve, made from 100% recycled polyester yarn and high-quality elastane, ensures a perfect seal.
  • Our socks are ergonomically knitted for a perfect fit, for both your left and right foot.


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The Amazing Sleeve Sock
  • Size: EU 35-38 | UK 3-5
  • Dirt outside your boots

    No more annoying pit stops

  • Your feet at the right temperature

    Even during extreme cold and heat

  • Worry-free exercise

    Pain-free (walking) activities

They like it RØFF.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Amazing Sleeve Sock

What is a Sleeve Sock?

Our Sleeve Sock is a sock that offers ultimate comfort during long walks, a day of work in the garden or during renovation work. The smart 'cover' on the sock ensures that nothing can get into your shoes.

What activities is this sock suitable for?

This sock is often used for walking and hiking, but the possibilities are of course endless. Especially moments when you are highly likely to get annoying bits falling inside your shoe, such as while gardening or doing DIY jobs.

Which type of shoes are suitable for the Sleeve Sock?

The Sleeve Sock is specifically designed for high walking or work shoes – it does not work with low (sports) shoes.

Which size is best for me?

If you have any doubts about the correct size, choose the larger of the two. Your feet can swell a little while walking.

How do I put on the Sleeve Sock?

Put on the sock like a normal sock. Raise the sleeve, step into your shoe and tie your laces. Put the sleeve down and make sure that the edge of your high shoe is completely covered by the sleeve. Attach the hook of the sleeve to your laces halfway down your shoe.

Are there washing instructions for this sock?

Wash the sock inside out at a maximum temperature of 40°C in the supplied washing bag. The sock is not suitable for tumble drying or ironing.

Where are the socks produced?

Our socks are designed in Belgium but made in our own production facility in China. We took this decision because of the wide variety of raw materials, machines and know-how available there.